David Wayne

Dave worked as a registered nurse in an inpatient psychiatric setting for a decade.

Seeing first-hand the suffering of patients at the hands of predatory pharmaceutical companies made him cynical about the current state of our healthcare system.  The scandals around Vioxx and Oxycontin were what first opened his eyes to the staggering depth of the problem, and Dave was distressed to learn that the situation with psychiatric medications was similar.

His health coaching journey began after discovering the carnivore community.  There, he heard people describe incredible turnarounds in their health through changing their diet to something that nobody within the healthcare establishment was recommending or taking seriously.  People who completely reversed their severe autoimmune diseases were also reporting (almost as a happy side effect) improvements in their mental health, including the resolution of their anxiety and depression - all while going off of meds instead of adding more!

As both registered nurse and Primal Health Coach, Dave is specifically interested in helping people avoid, reduce, or eliminate their use of psychiatric medications.