Let me describe you:

You remember, years ago, feeling a lot better than you do know.  You had a vision of your future self, and you’ve come up short.  You don’t look like you’re supposed to.  You don’t feel like you’re supposed to.  Instead of energy, clarity, and passion, you have pain, insomnia, and depression.  It's been a struggle, but you’ve tried.  You've followed the advice of the experts.  You haven’t been perfect, but you’ve put in work.  Real work.  You are frustrated and tired.  You are tired of being disappointed, tired of new pills, tired of how you look, and tired of how you feel.  You know you are short of your potential.  You need to be the best version of yourself that you can be - for you, and for those around you.

Let me describe us:

We believe that the current mental health establishment is broken; we know, because that's where we worked for years.  It leaves participants feeling like mental health care is an endless assembly line of meds and disappointment (because it is).

If you're experience with mental health professionals and psych meds has been a positive one, we're happy for your success!  If not, you've come to the right place.

What is your why?

A healthier life is simple, but not easy.  Often, you don’t need another pill; you need motivation, knowledge, and community.

Describe.health provides short-term, individualized health coaching and long-term community resources to set clients on a path of independent, sustainable wellness.

Why “describe?”  A double meaning:

Additionally, we are NOT offering supplements, exercise equipment, miracles, secrets, or simply selling an alternative to prescription meds.  You bring the motivation, we bring the knowledge and community.

We can help.

How is a coaching relationship different from what you’ve tried in the past?  We don't pretend that we've got all the answers; we teach you to find, implement, maintain, and adapt the answers that work for your unique needs.

Will this be hard?  Yes.  But how hard is not changing anything?  Is it hard to suffer instead of thrive?

We know that there is a foundation everyone should build off of, but every person has unique needs - for nutrition, for exercise, for mental health - and that these are not just unique for everyone, they also change over time.  With us, you learn the basics, and you learn how to re-assess, re-center, and re-calibrate as your needs change over time.  We help you find your north star, so that as your circumstances change, you are able to navigate your own changing wellness.  You become self-sufficient.  You don’t have to rely on a pill, a person, a program - you will have the ability to listen to your intrinsic wisdom to guide your path, and in doing so, you will flourish.

What you’re missing - the pitfalls that have stopped you from being who you once imagined you could be - are not found in a capsule, in a bottle, at the hospital, at the mall, or on Amazon.

They don’t have your answers; you do.  You describe why, and we show you how.